Great Illustrated Books

My Kindergarten

By Rosemary Wells

Hyperion, 2004
Pages : 96
Suggested Ages: 3-6
ISBN: 9780786808335

Take a glorious month-by-month tour through the kindergarten year with master teacher Miss Cribbage, a guinea pig, as seen through the eyes of Emily the rabbit, one of eight animal students in the class. You'll get to know all of them: Diane, Emily, Louise, Martha, Odysseus, Otis, Roger, and Terrance, snug in their little their schoolhouse on Cranberry Island in Maine. As the months go by, they count, collect weeds and seeds, make maps, sing, and widen their horizons across the activity-filled curriculum. Note the natural focus on all the vital school and life skills, including science, reading, math, music, art, dance, weather, time, football, holidays, punctuation, measurement, money, poetry, and loving your library, of course.

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Critics have said

The book is lighthearted and full of caring detail, warm expressions, and explosions of color. In addition to being about that wonderful first year of school, Kindergarten serves as a celebration of family and community, reminding readers that the school day extends far beyond the borders of the classroom walls. This is Wells at her best.
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