Great Illustrated Books

Zoo School

By Laurie Miller Hornik, Illustrated by Debbie Tilley

Clarion Books, 2004
Pages : 144
Suggested Ages: 7-10
ISBN: 0618342044

At the hands-on new Zoo School, where the motto is, "Let the animals be your textbooks," the student desks are actually fish-filled aquariums. The students include Ursula, who wants everything to be just like it was at her old school; Kitty, who knows a lot about animals and can't wait to learn more; sleepy Leo, who is always ready for lunch; Drake, who is terrified of animals, and is unnerved by the fish swimming in his desk; and Robin, who can't believe there's no nurse at this school, because she is used to spending half her day in the nurse's office.

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Critics have said

The characters are clearly developed, and all of the children gradually learn about themselves and the world around them. This evenly paced novel could be shared aloud with youngsters needing a step up from Joanna Cole's "Magic School Bus" series or read independently by those who enjoy zany school stories like Louis Sachar's Sideways Stories from Wayside School.
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